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A Message from Pastor Dave Stall

My calling to this church was crystal clear and I praise God for that.  My preparation and training for this current assignment were being orchestrated by God for years, even when I had no idea where He was leading me.  I praise God for always seeing the big picture, and giving me small, manageable glimpses of His glory and plans.  Over the years, I have learned that I can trust God.  When He speaks, I can listen and know that His ways are best.  He has great things in store for those who love Him.

Stall Family

Pastor Stall and his family

My passion in ministry is to see lives transformed when people find the joy of being saved by faith in Jesus.  As the joy of that initial gift grows into learning to live for Jesus, I watch people mature into the person God intended, with a life that is full and blessed.  Just as God brought me out of the darkness and into His light, He will do the same for everyone who calls on Him.

In addition to watching God work in the lives of individuals, it also brings me great joy to see God transform His church into the church that He intends.  The church that I currently serve is more than 300 years old and God is bringing us into a brand new place.  In my relatively short ministry, God has allowed me to be part of the transformation of three very old churches into vibrant and active communities of believers.  He makes all things new, and I love being a part of that work!

About Pastor Dave Stall

Rev. David Stall was born in VT, raised in upstate NY, and spent 5 years in CO as a young adult.  His undergraduate studies were in Business Marketing and Christian Ministry Leadership, which led him to a variety of jobs in sales, marketing, and non-profit ministries.  He was first licensed in ministry at the Seventh Day Baptist Church of Colorado Springs in 2001 and spent 9 years (in three churches) in bi-vocational ministry with a focus on youth and music in the church.  Over the years, he has also found joy and success in music ministry as a worship leader, instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter.

In 2008, Pastor Stall responded to the call to pastoral ministry and enrolled at Alliance Theological Seminary in NY.  He started as full-time pastor at the First Seventh Day Baptist Church of Hopkinton in July 2010.  After graduation from seminary in May 2012 with his M. Div. in Church Development, Pastor Stall was ordained in August 2012.  Since May 2000, Pastor Dave has been blessed and helped by his lovely wife, Jennifer.  They are the proud parents of three daughters and a son.